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How to help pets beat the heat in the absence of AC


The combination of ongoing power outages and high heat in the Houston area may make some homes too hot for pets, putting them -More

Veterinary hospitals test cancer gel


Eight animal hospitals are testing a gel that is injected into cancerous tumors and helps kill cancerous cells along with rad -More

165 salmonellosis cases linked to raw milk from Calif. dairy; Americans unaware raw milk poses risks


Newly released state records revealed that at least 165 people in California developed salmonellosis linked to raw milk and c -More

Experts launch dairy goat health website


Veterinarians at Iowa State University and the University of California, Davis, have developed a website with resources for v -More

Scientist investigate rabies outbreak in S. Africa's seals


Nine Cape fur seals in South Africa have tested positive for rabies infections, leaving surfers, swimmers, public health expe -More

Rat poisons take toll on wildlife


Second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides can kill anything that feeds on rodents, including raptors, scavenging birds, wo -More

Alaska state veterinarian seeks clarification of dog import rules


Alaska State Veterinarian Sarah Coburn says the CDC's new rule for dogs imported to the US will have a unique effect in the s -More

Veterinarian in retrofitted camper van brings care to rural pets


Veterinarian Mandy Barnes' boyfriend retrofitted a camper van into a mobile veterinary clinic that Dr.  -More

AVMA resource helps decode new dog importation rules


Starting August 1, all dogs entering or reentering the United States must meet new requirements to protect the country from r -More