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Research on canine respiratory infections continues


Various bacteria and viruses cause canine infectious respiratory disease complex, or kennel cough, and most cases are mild an -More

17-year-old in Cambodia tests positive for H5N1


A 17-year-old girl in southwest Cambodia who started feeling ill after seven chickens at her home died has tested positive fo -More

Plants may be a source of CWD transmission


Plants can absorb large clusters of prions, including those that cause chronic wasting disease and bovine spongiform encephal -More

Ala. state veterinarian issues warning about bats


People should not touch or approach bats, and in cases of possible contact, the bat should not be killed by hitting it in the -More

Old mercury deep in the ocean accumulating in tuna


Levels of mercury in the atmosphere have fallen dramatically in the decades since governments began requiring emission contro -More

China set to resume panda diplomacy


China says it will send two giant pandas to the San Diego Zoo, one of which might be a descendant of former zoo pandas Bai Yu -More

Guinness rescinds Bobi's title as world's longest-lived dog


Bobi, a Portuguese mastiff, probably was not 31 years and five months old when he died, according to Guinness World Records,  -More

5 strategies to prepare for business emergencies


Multiple techniques can help businesses prepare for emergency situations, starting with writing crisis plans and sharing info -More

Chart of the month: Job satisfaction rises for veterinarians


Things may be better than previously believed when it comes to veterinarians’ career satisfaction and intention to leav -More